Tim Duffy Discusses Division 1, All-Star Aspirations, and Conference Competition in the Empire

by Justin Miller

The inaugural season of Division I hockey in the AAU has created a strong level of

competition within the Empire Conference. One of the players that has especially excelled in this

inaugural season of play is Farmingdale State Rams forward, Tim Duffy. Duffy’s Rams currently

sit in first place within the Empire Conference. On a more personal level, Duffy has 18 goals to

go along with 32 overall points, both totals that rank within the top five amongst the Division I


His highly productive season has made him a potential candidate to be selected for

AAU’s All-Star Showcase. “If I was selected, it would be an absolute honor to be able to go

down there and represent Farmingdale State,” said Duffy of his potential selection. “I’m working

real hard for it, so I’m hoping that it’s all going to pay off.” While the All-Star Showcase is a

great personal goal for Duffy, he and his Farmingdale teammates also have some big team goals.

They’re hemmed in on winning in the Empire Conference playoffs after falling short of

doing so last season. “I think an Empire Championship is something that is more than achievable

for us,” said Duffy. He also spoke about what he believes it’ll take for his Rams squad to reach

that lofty goal. "Playing our game and knowing we can compete with anyone, a lot of preparation, practice,

and the mentality that our goals are achievable." Duffy said. A high level of preparation will

indeed be a crucial aspect of winning the Empire, as there’s no shortage of competition.

There are several other teams within the Empire that are having successful seasons. The

surplus of good teams has created an incredibly competitive atmosphere within the conference.

“It’s great competition; if you look at the scores from some of our games against Fairfield,

Quinnipiac, and Fordham, they’re all pretty tight games,” said Duffy about the competition.

“Good players too, really good players on these other teams.” With each team in this conference

presenting a tough challenge, Duffy had one final word of advice about playing hockey in the

Empire Conference. “You have to bring it every time you step on the ice. The competition is so tough, so

showing up and playing every game your hardest will lead to success.